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In this section, we will endeavour to keep you updated on research into what makes for a better lamb carcass in terms of selection and breeding for higher performing sheep.  

(Exactly what is important to know in choosing Australian White Sheep – Selecting for growth and frame size.)

(While the above article is important to keep in mind, this article demonstrates that selection for growth and lean meat must be balanced with a need for sufficient fat and muscle.)

(Again emphasising the need for balanced selection, targeted toward meeting actual Australian market demands.)

(This article demonstrates that plenty of scope exists to select for fast growing lambs.)

(This article emphasises balances in selection for economically important traits as well as what farmers can do to maximise the best use of their genetics prior to slaughter.)

(This article, although based on research of established shedding breeds, provides the genetic knowledge of how shedding in sheep can be increased in expression.)

Section B

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