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The Highveld Team

Meet The Team

Highveld Stud International is one of the Original Founding Breeders responsible for the development of The Australian White Sheep Breed, along with the Baringa & Tattykeel Sheep Studs of Oberon NSW. Back in 2013, Highveld became fully dedicated to the breeding of the Australian White Sheep, although we do still run a small flock of purebred Van Rooy sheep. We are most satisfied with the way this new and exciting breed is changing the possibilities, opportunities and fortunes of Australian and international sheep producers who now use the Australian White to boost sheep meat production. We are convinced that the Australian White is fast becoming one of the world’s most valuable and modern self-replacing meat sheep breeds.  

The Highveld Team

Our Highveld management team consists of four dedicated people, each responsible for important and vital components of the business; 

Alan Baron is the founding principal of Highveld, and acts as Managing Director of the business, with specific responsibility for breeding direction, exports and industry engagement as well as having client development and education responsibilities. 

Pierre Bouwer, our “sheep breeding expert,” is responsible for the implementation of our breeding philosophy; specifically, our stud animal selection, our line breeding mating programs, stock recording and animal registrations. 

He is very well regarded in the wider industry for his ability to select specific animals that neatly match our clients’ actual needs. He performs this useful service for both our stud and commercial clients. An equestrian of international reputation, Pierre has a “natural gift of the eye” for livestock of many different types, combined with the innate ability to “know the best nick” when mating animals, one to the other.

Adrian Bell is responsible for farm management and the feed and production of our sale animals. A Merino wool shearer in his youth and a sheep grazier of many years standing, he is a practical farmer with a good knowledge of both cropping and livestock management. Adrian is the “go to man” for our clients, and is responsible for much of our client liaison work. 

Sandy Spence is our front-office manager, and is also responsible for our events planning and implementation.  

Highveld Stud International was formed in 1996 by Alan Baron and Pierre Bouwer as a seed-stock breeding operation in Australia, specialising in South African breeds of small livestock.

In 1996, Highveld began the importation of White Dorper and Van Rooy sheep, as well as Boer Goats, into Australia. In later years, Black Head Dorpers and Savanna goats were also imported. These importations involved large numbers of embryos in every year until 2007, when the importation of embryos ceased. By that time Highveld, as one of the primary importers of these breeds, had become a well-established stud operation in Australia, and became well known abroad. 

To date, Highveld has exported all the above breeds to numerous countries around the world (both as live animals as well as in frozen embryo form). Countries to which we have exported include the USA, the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Pakistan.

Over the years, Highveld has won numerous industry and stud show awards, having achieved both Supreme Exhibitor and Most Successful Exhibitor numerous times at most of the prominent Royal Agricultural Shows in Australia. We have been awarded Supreme Exhibit and Grand Champion (both sexes) in both the White Dorper sheep and Boer Goat breeds on many occasions. In 2012, we were pleased to become the first Dorper stud in Australia to ever win Most Successful Exhibitor of the Show – All Sheep Breeds at the All Sheep Breed Landmark NSW Sheep Show, one of the largest all-breed shows in Australia. 

In 2013 we ceased our White Dorper Sheep and Boer and Savanna goat operations to focus on our Australian White breeding operation.
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