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Sheep Specialist Consultants

 Highveld Stud recommends the sheep consultant below, who has vast experience advising farmers on the use of meat sheep breeds in modern lamb production systems throughout Australia:  
Lloyd Dunlop
Founder at: Lloyd Dunlop Sheep and Lamb Consultant
(Previously Senior Sheep Extension Advisor for the Queensland Department of Primary Industry – (QDPI)
PO Box 690
30 Mann St, Goondiwindi, Queensland 4390
Tel: 07 4671 2462
Mobile: 0409 575 200
See Lloyd’s Public Profile on Linkedin
- Recognized Skills in New Meat Sheep Genetics
- Specializing in Accelerated Lambing Techniques for Pastoral Producers
& consultancy on
- Ewe & Lamb Nutrition and Disease Control
- Natural Soil Fertility & Pasture Rehabilitation

Update On Lloyd’s Latest’s News

My name is Lloyd Dunlop and I am a Lamb Production Consultant based at Goondiwindi.  I have 14 clients who have approx. 50,000 ewes under management and who are adopting accelerated Lambing systems with start-up objectives of 200% lamb markings per annum.  This consultancy has been operating since 2007, soon after I retired from the QDPI in 2006.

I specialise in meat sheep or “hair” breeds, because of their high profitability and full market acceptance for lambs from pastoral districts of Qld.  My work centres on Genetics, Nutrition (pastures, crops and supplements), disease control and Accelerated Lambing’s to lift Gross Margins.  Later, marketing projects will feature among members as slaughter lamb numbers lift.

I have recently seen a lift in interest in profitable Meat sheep breeds with the emergence of fencing clusters in Queensland and declining terms of trade in other farming and pastoral enterprises. 

As I am an experienced meeting facilitator (4 Bestprac Groups) I wish to gauge your interest in organising quarterly Producer Meetings near you for smaller producers, initially at Talwood Qld and later on farms.  It is hoped, together and with other Producers, we can discuss and get involved in projects of interest in Meat sheep production that will lift your level of skills and income from Meat Sheep.  Each day long, quarterly sessions, will conclude with a Farm walk in the afternoon.

Upfront fees for this 4 meeting service will be $1000 per business, initially for one year.  Current clients can attend free.  I am prepared to split later meetings geographically depending upon attendees’ locations.  I receive no Industry subsidy for this work, so I need to at least cover costs.  You are under no obligation to stay with me after one year of meetings.

For this you will have:
• access to my Management Calendar which contains most of my IP.   
• 4 meetings and farm walks per annum with other Producers.
• Telephone access and help with your particular enterprise/issues
• At least one property visits from me per annum 
• Processes put in place to accelerate your lambing initially to 200% markings pa and 100% slaughter weight sales.
• Weekly Industry news by email
• Assistance with your particular project/s

If you or a representative of your family business, would like to be involved with the initial meeting at Talwood Community Hall Tuesday 30th August 2016 at 9am, please RSVP to this email or Phone 0409 575 200 before 19th August 2016.  The meeting will be catered for by you on a BYO lunch and smoko basis.

Meat sheep Enterprises offer good markets and exciting times ahead for incomes and agricultural possibilities of livestock and crop integration.  Little or no information is being offered in this area or discipline by any Industry funders.  Be a part of the action and give me a call now.

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